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How to Drop a Hint without Seeming Desperate

The Secret to Getting your Partner to Propose

Are you waiting to hear your partner pop the big question? Does it look like you’re both ready for the future, but you haven’t been asked just yet? Well, here are a few secrets on how to get your partner to propose without seeming desperate.

Drop a hint – don’t pressure

We say drop a hint because no one wants to be told they are desperate. But, most of all, we don’t want him to feel pressured into doing it. If he feels pressured, then he may hesitate to move. So, we want to guide the relationship in the direction we want without it being so obvious.

If you believe you’ve found the one, and you think the feeling is mutual, then it won’t be hard to get the question asked. Sometimes your partner just doesn’t know that you are ready and is maybe waiting for you to give a hint. Other times, they are just comfortable and haven’t thought that they need to “get a ring on it” just yet.

So, let’s look at our hints to get a ring on it sooner rather than later.

Our subtle suggestions for dropping a hint

1. Remind him of your priorities

If you had set from the start what you want out of your relationship, then he knows what to expect. Reminding him of where you would like to be in terms of your relationship and by when is a good way to hint that he needs to start thinking about the question.

2. Hang out with married friends

We’ve seen this happen multiple times. When a guy realizes all or most of his friends are married, he starts thinking about marriage as well. Next thing you know, he’s proposing, not because he feels pressure from you, but to be a part of his friends-circle.

3. Leave your browser ‘accidentally’ open on an engagement ring

Now, several persons have said this worked for them, so it can’t hurt to try it out. Leave your monitor screen on engagement rings that you like which lets him know that you are interested in the subject of engagements.

Our little secret to getting a guy to propose

Let him see what life would be like without you. Don’t be afraid to talk about a future where you’re not in it. If he sees this future and it’s not a picture that he wants for his life, then that will certainly spur him on.

But, don’t make it be an ultimatum. Again, you don’t want it to seem as if you’re pressuring him to decide. You’re just subtly reminding him of why you’re together, how much better your lives are as a couple, and why it can be even better when you get married.

In the meantime, continue to live life as the happy couple you are. Show your partner the beauty and excitement of your relationship and just subtly work in these hints along the way.

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