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Budgeting on your wedding

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming in a financial aspect. It may not be practical for you to throw an extravagant wedding. Average wedding costs in the United States range from $20k – $100k. These days, most brides and grooms aim to spend less than $20k.

There is nothing wrong with being thrifty. You may be saving money for a down payment on a house or paying off school loans – whatever your predicament: you can still have a charming wedding on a budget.


Create a Wedding Budget Spreadsheet.


Configure a total budget and stick to it. You can use this as a guide to keep track of all your wedding payments and purchases. Divide all your expenses into categories.

For example:




Invitations/Place Cards


Video, Photography





Through each category, you are able set individual budgets and then break down all your expenses in detail.


Reception: Budget Amount Actual Cost Difference
Venue $
Food & Service $
Cake $
Beverages/Bartender $
Total $


A few extra words of advice for you budgeters out there:


  • Learn how to negotiate or haggle. It’s worth it!
  • Network – Ask the venue you are working with to point out preferred vendors.
  • If possible: DIY
  • Borrow
  • Ask for help. Professional wedding planners can haggle for you or family and friends can help you with crafty projects.


Remember to keep your priorities straight and best of luck to you on your big day.



Photographed by lovely @rachelkoll