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Bashford’s 2017 Earth Day Giveaway

Giving back a little at a time

Each year, hundreds of organizations host Earth Day Contests. It’s a way to bring awareness to the issues the planet faces while rewarding persons for their positive involvement. Often, these are photo and poster contests. This year is no different, and Bashford Jewelry also sought to make one lucky contestant elated for doing good in their own special way. We, however, wanted someone to show us how they are making a positive impact on the planet.

The Theme for Earth Day 2017

Earth Day 2017 focused on the theme of Environmental & Climate Literacy. This, according to the Earth Day Organization, is because “education is the foundation for progress”. At Bashford, we strongly believe in this philosophy. Education and the spread of information have been helping to transform the diamond industry from its exploitative and dangerous nature to a more sustainable jewelry industry.

Information is power. And it doesn’t have to be about the power to only effect change on a global scale. It starts with you and me, and the little we do every day to help protect our planet. Knowing how everything we do can impact the planet helps us to understand how to live a more sustainable and balanced life.

Now, onto our 2017 Earth Day contest.

The Bashford Jewelry 2017 Earth Day Contest Winner

As we said, our 2017 Earth Day Contest asked contestants to identify how they are making a positive impact on the planet. We received quite a lot of responses and we are sorry that we could only announce one winner. A lot of people are out there doing what they can to make a difference and protect this lovely planet we call home. We identified our winner in keeping with the theme for Earth Day 2017. We looked for someone who is doing a good job informing and educating the world about ways they can positively impact the planet in their daily life. Information is power.

And the winner is …. (drumroll if you please) …. Kristina Perrone. Kristina owns a blog called KaveBabe dedicated to sustainable fashion, green/eco-friendly beauty, healthy lifestyle tips, and nutrition. She is passionate about helping the planet and is using her blog to spread the word about living more sustainably.

Congrats Kristina. We are sure you will love and enjoy our Talitha Moissanite Ring in 14K Yellow Gold as much as we do.

What Are You Doing for the Planet?

April 22, Earth Day 2017, has come and gone. Are you going to stop there? Or are you going to be like our Earth Day Contest Winner, Kristina, and keep doing what you are good at to make a change? Just one little thing each day and all of us can make a small but meaningful difference.

What have you done for the planet today? Tell us in the comments below.